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Great article Value Punks. I really enjoyed this.

Looking at it from the other side (the SEC side) what of the risk that the SEC wanting open books of these Chinese companies? While there is no "real" incentive for China to ban VIE structures in most companies, there is now a real risk of SEC delisting these companies because they fail to jump through the necessary hoops. And it is in the CCPs best interest that the companies DON'T jump through these hoops (because that would mean sharing intel).

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I agree with the overall view on VIE structure will continue to exist, probably not in a form that's too different from before. But have a different take re: CSRC press release on December 24th. Another way one can interpret that is CSRC doesn't want to make any definite comment or involved in the VIE structure approval so they deferred the VIE permission to other agencies.

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